Best Lawyer in Town 5.0 stars *****

Posted by Jordan October 2nd, 2017

I am so glad i attained Mr. Long in my time of need. On May 5, 2017 i was heading home from work as i usually do, using the same road i use everyday. While coming to a cross section a drunk driver decided to cut right in front of me causing an accident. The driver then drove away; however, was later found thanks to a witness. While sitting in the road i called Mr. Long, his information was given to me by a friend previously. Mr. Long calmed me down and instructed me how i should proceed as i have never been in this situation before. I called the police, and waited almost two hours for them to arrive. Meanwhile Mr. Long stayed on the phone with me the whole time. As i was out of a vehicle for several months, and had to see a doctor, Mr. Long was there whenever i needed him. Mr. Long was always available, and when he wasnt i always received a call back soon after. Mr. Long was with me through this entire unfortunate event. I hope something like this to never happen again; however, if it does Wilkie & Long P.A. will be the first call i make. Thanks for everything Mr. Long, i will be recommending your services to any of my friends who go through any such event and require assistance.

Car Accident 5.0 stars *****

Posted by Vaughan May 17th, 2017

Lyle and his team are great. I called in from a recommendation and at the time my car was towed away after the crash and Lyle and his team offered to pick me up. They explained the process to me of helping me get representation for my case because I was hit after a truck driver changed lanes across intersections. They help me get the medical attention I needed and I was reimbursed for all my troubles.

Amazing to work with 5.0 stars *****

Posted by Ashley Hagan May 11th, 2017

Lyle helped us when we got injured in an accident, he is an amazing, charismatic lawyer. He will do anything he has to in order to make sure that your voice is heard and that your case is settled. His team truly helped us from beginning to end and made the experience of dealing with a lawyer a unforgettable and very smooth. The transition meeting with the doctors and making sure we got set up with our car being fixed was a great experience too. We were also informed always as to what was next in the process. Thanks to Lyle and his staff our case was heard and we won!!

great attorney 5.0 stars *****

Posted by Anna May 4th, 2017

I had been involved in a car accident where an old lady stopped in front of me. Lyle was very kind and worked hard to get the settlement I needed for my medical costs. My case was not the easiest and he did a great job. Best attorney I have ever had! Pretty straight forward, no time wasting. Not scummy, pleasant to work with.

The best! 5.0 stars *****

Posted by Anonymous April 2nd, 2017

I can't believe how efficient he was. Mr. Long was able to resolve my case better than I initially hoped for. I felt helpless until I hired him, then I knew everything was going to be ok. If you need a lawyer, he's your guy!

Auto accident injury 5.0 stars *****

Posted by Steve December 28, 2016

Lyle was terrific. He was involved every step of the way and was deeply concerned about our injuries and treatment. He kept us informed as the case proceeded and was extremely professional. Lyle was very prompt in returning our calls and answering our concerns. I strongly recommend Lyle Long for representation.


Criminal Case (Stellar Attorney) 5.0 stars *****

Posted by Dawit September 18, 2016

Mr. Long is the best I could have possibly asked for in a attorney. Not only is attentive/non-judgemental but super understanding. Being a first time offender I could not have asked for a better attorney to address my legal needs. He made the process understandable for someone not acquainted with everything. He gave advice and told me what I needed to hear to make those tough decisions...


Criminal defense 5.0 stars *****

Posted by Steve August 3, 2016

I retained Lyle for a criminal case I had. He was able to get me into court within a weeks time and had my case dismissed. It helped that he played football & long time friends with my prosecutor. He made me feel like my case was important to him, as it was to me.


Personal injury attorney 5.0 stars *****

Posted by anonymous June 16, 2016

Would highly recommend Lyle to handle your case. He was always available when needed to ask questions and spent the time to explain everything very thoroughly to me if I did not understand. Also, the staff at the office were helpful, pleasant and made sure I received a call back from Lyle ASAP if he wasn't in the office at the time.


Car accident claim 5.0 stars *****

Posted by Patel May 12, 2016

Lyle is a excellent attorney. I have use many attorney he is far the best. Easy to hold of when need via phone/email. I got into a car accident, and he got me the full policy.


excellent Attorney 5.0 stars *****

Posted by anonymous April 20, 2016

Mr. Long was amazing for me and my case. I highly recommend this young man and the Wilkie Law Firm P.A. He went out of his way to accomadate me threw out the process of my case. He always kept me updated daily and was there for every step of the way. I am very satisfied with all of his work and will not hesitate to hire Mr. Long again. From a very happy client thank you.


Lyle Long delivers 5.0 stars *****

Posted by Christina A. April 15, 2016

Lyle Long is the best criminal defense attorney in Broward. Took one month to handle my case that could have turned out to be lengthy and expensive. I put my trust into God’s hands and prayed that he would allow my Lyle to do what he promised and he did just that. Thank God for Lyle Long being very good at his profession, being able to provide such great service and keeping his promise. Thank you so much Lyle for your speedy service and keeping your promise to handle my situation with the best possible outcome.


Unbelievable Attorney 5.0 stars *****

Posted by Peter Lombard January 8, 2016

I want to just take a few moments to write a review about Attorney Lyle Long. Lyle is as smart as they come. For being such a young lawyer he is brilliant, professional, courteous and what I liked the most when he was helping me was his honesty and his communication, he always got back to me right away , that is if he didn't answer his phone I would highly recommend Lyle Long and will be to anyone who asks if I know an attorney that is experienced in the field that he practices.


Highly Recommend!Truly Exceptional Representation! 5.0 stars *****

Posted by Saskia November 18, 2015

We recently retained Mr. Lyle Long concerning a serious violation of probation which he was able to successfully defend and convince the judge to reinstate the probation. Mr Lyle Long is "the attorney" you want on your side to defend your case!!! No exceptions! He is attentive, caring and responsive to all questions/concerns one may have. He will fight hard and do what he says. He is a man of his word!! Our family highly recommends him.


Lyle Long 5.0 stars *****

Posted by Adam Shamir September 16, 2015

Mr. Long is a highly proficient attorney who zealously represents his clients. His passion for the law is reflected in his research, writing and oral advocacy skills. Through his experience in the field, he has grown comfortable in a courtroom setting and excels in front of judges and juries alike.


Highly Regarded Attorney 5.0 stars *****

Posted by Simon Lassel September 11, 2015

Lyle Long is a highly regarded attorney in Broward County who moved very quickly to defending felony cases when joining the public defenders office. As a fellow litigation attorney I know that Mr. Long is a trustworthy and competent attorney and therefore know that any client I refer to him will be given the best service. Mr. Long was an excellent law student, even contributing to a leading family law book while in school. I highly suggest you consult with Mr. Long should you have any legal needs.


Excellent Reputation in the Field. 5.0 stars *****

Posted by anonymous August 19, 2015

I hired Mr. Long for consulting work for a trial which I needed advice. I had a great experience with Mr. Long and his services and have a great working relationship. Lyle Long is very well known in the community for his trial experience working in Broward courts. Mr. Long ascended quickly from working misdemeanor cases to felony while working with the Public Defenders Office. Mr. Long was published in law school for his contributions to the "go-to" book for Florida Family Law.


VERY TRUE TO HIS WORD!!!! 5.0 stars *****

Posted by Darrian hodge June 4, 2015

Mr.long is a great lawyer to have he's very forthcoming and straight forward he put his all into his work and during my time of incarceration kept me informed with everything that was going on from motions to things I need to help me and when he couldn't come.see me he made sure to keep in touch with my mother ..if I had money for a paid lawyer I would've bought him.I highly recommend him in any case


Review 4.0 stars ****

Posted by Jose April 30, 2015

I started my long journey for justice last year in January of 2014 , in that time I have been though 3 judges and 3 different prosecuters . What I was charged with was auto theft of my own vehicle . At first I thought that by having a public defender I had no chance of proving I was innocent. Boy was I wrong . Here stepped in this confident young attorney Lyle Long . Asked me a few questions then stated I will see what I can do . After numerous court appearances due to Broward County's lack of commitment in the court room with Judges and prosecutors the journey played out rather extensively . Well moving forward , the last and finale prosecutor turned out to be a Tiger . The woman was all business . I knew I had a up hill battle to be won. Prior to her becoming my prosector I was offered just to stamp my record with auto theft no probation no court fees no jail time . Sounded like a sweet deal for a guilty party but for someone who was innocent I could not bring myself to do so . SO on we pushed foward absulut innocents. We'll when this tigress showed up and made her presence known, I could only admire her cunning ways and beautiful smile . She was a formable adversary. We'll Lyle Long had a few tricks up his sleeve and he played all his cards at the right time . towards the end of my journey just as I was about to see the finish line I would catch a nother case . I stepped in the court room and I could see that beautiful tigress licking her chops . Lyle Long informed me that the prosecutor was moving for bail jumping with 6 months of incarnation . My heart nearly stopped . Locked up 21 days just let out the day before and here I'm looking at 6 months locked up on top of everything else I had going on .' Oh boy ! ' Lyle Long must have cought my sudden panic attack , he gave me the it's going to be okay let me see what I can do Confort pat on the back . We'll I was called to the defense podium alls I heard was my heart beat . I was sweating , shaking and scard to death . How could I be so stupid ! After the tigress read off my extensive criminal history she looked over at us with her happy dance face and knew she had the win . Lyle Long was having none of that ! He made his argument and the judge ruled that I wear a ankle bracelet for the remainder of the case with a 8 o'clock curfew . Wosh , what a moment ! I made 3 appointments after that with the second to last the show down . The witness was called in and asked a few questions . She made her bones now she must lay in them . Lyle Long had subpoenaed her numerous of times for depo. She failed to show . He pounced on her .the judge made her stay and offer her depo. The next court date I was informed that it will be my Last . I entered the court room expecting the obvious, but once again the tigress had no mind to let it be that easy . She wanted to play it out one more court session . Lyle Long asked for my appearance to be waved but of course the tigress wanted none of that even as she said she would be moving for dismissal with the same breath. Judge ruled that I was not needed . We'll today ladys and gentelmen my case was dismissed and justice was rendered upon a innocent man . Thank you Mr Long for your expertise and belief in my innocents .


Marcos A Mercado Quijano 5.0 stars *****

Posted by Armando March 12, 2015

My name is Armando on behalf of my brother Marcos he had used public defenders in the past with very poor communication however Mr Lyle Long from day one has been very respectful, trustworthy, responsive we have been inform and not caught by surprised I recommend Mr. Long to anyone he is Great thank you for your service


Thank you for your help 5.0 stars *****

Posted by Maria February 12, 2015

Lyle was easy to understand and showed he had my son's best interest at heart. He showed us that there are still professionals outhere that love what they do and love to help.


Lyle Long is an amazing, trustworthy, confident professional 5.0 stars *****

Posted by Vivian February 4, 2015

There are not enough words to explain how Mr. Long reacts with his clients. He is an amazing individual that takes time out of his schedule to do what others would say the impossible. Our experience with him was very professional, trustworthy, confident and most of all caring. I would recommend him to anyone that is in search of someone that will speak honestly but yet bring forth the actual truth. He is definite a God sent to those that really needs the true light to shine on their behalf. I know he will go far because he is a God sent and his character is amazing.


Blew away my expectations! 5.0 stars *****

Posted by Cristina January 8, 2015

I never would have thought that i had the outcome that i did. Lyle was very confident from the start but with also not leading me on like some lawyers do. Lyle was very upfront with me about everything. I appreciated his quick responses and professionalism. I would highly reccommend Lyle to anyone i know that is currently going through a criminal case. I am also confident that had it not been for my public defender, i would be facing much greater consequences. I am very appreciative for my public defender and would absolutely use him again if i needed representation again.

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